8 Facts about Dubai you probably didnt know

8 Facts about Dubai you probably didn’t know

Dubai is one of the world’s most incredible cities. You’ll need more than a few days to see everything Dubai offers. It is filled with amazing sights, thrilling adventures, surprises, and life-changing experiences. Let’s explore them together.

1.    Dubai Has a 2.5-Day Weekend.

Dubai recently changed its working and weekend hours to better align with the rest of the world and global markets.

In Dubai, the weekend now lasts 2.5 days, including Saturday and Sunday, plus a half-day starting at noon on Friday. The official working hours are from 7:30 AM to 12 PM on Friday, and on Monday through Thursday, they are from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

In the past, a weekend in Dubai differed from Saturday and Sunday, like in the west. But it was also no longer on Thursday and Friday as it used to be in most Muslim countries in the past (and still is in some countries). Instead, a weekend in Dubai was on Friday and Saturday.

2.   Most Of Dubai Was a Desert Two Decades Ago.

When you consider how far the city has come, you cannot help but admire the rulers of Dubai’s vision. Sheikh Rashid was the first to raise the issue because he was worried about Dubai’s future after running out of oil. Sheikh Mohammed transformed Dubai into the cosmopolitan city it is today.

Every time you visit Dubai, you’ll notice that the town has changed again. A lot is going on, including construction of many new structures and tourist attractions. Because it is constantly evolving, there is always something new to discover every time you visit.

3.   39% of the Burj Al-Arab is “Wasted Space.”

The Burj Al Arab, a seven-star hotel in Dubai, is 39% uninhabitable. This was due to their preoccupation with architectural vanity sizing rather than housing as many people as possible in a single structure.

4.   In 2013, The Amount of Gold Traded in Dubai was Astounding.

Dubai was the location of 40% of the global gold trade in 2013, worth more than 354 elephants, equating to about 2.250 tons of gold.

5.   From 95 Km Away, Burj Khalifa is Visible.

If the Burj Khalifa were in Freiburg, Germany, you could see it from Strasbourg, France.

6.   Dubai Is Regarded as One of The World’s Safest Cities.

Due to the strict enforcement of the law and the high moral standards of the population, Dubai is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world, with a crime rate close to 0%.

7.   In Just 18 Months, The Above-Ground Metro Station Was Constructed.

In 2009, Dubai opened 42 metro stations built in only 18 months. That is an example of foresight and perseverance!

8.   The Sand Used in Dubai’s Artificial Palm Islands Could Fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings

94 million cubic meters of sand were needed to build Dubai’s Palm Islands. There are only 37 million cubic meters in the Empire State Building.

In fact, the quantity of rock and sand used here could be used to build a wall three times the size of the earth, at 2 meters wide (6.5 feet).